Twenty-four verses®Beauty (


A sense of beauty in Japanese tradition
As a material that colors your life like yourself

The 24-setsu is a calendar created based on the movement of the sun.
Since ancient years, the year has been quartered into four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) based on the summer solstice, which has the highest height, the winter solstice, which is the lowest, and the spring and autumn eal ethn, which are in the middle.

In addition, the change of the season has been used as a measure of farming work and life by 24 seasons every about two weeks which divided it into six. At Spacal, we propose a method of beauty care that enriches daily life while being close to the season, based on "twenty-four seasons" suitable for the japanese sense of mind and skin.

Lysaki  a hot place
white dew  fall equinox
Cold dew  Marbling

Lys winter  Light
heavy snow  winter solstice
Kosa  a very cold

Twenty-four Seasons Beauty ®

February (japan)

Mt. Asama is an active volcano (magma eruption in 2008)
I'm always giving plumes of smoke.

チェックマーク Face Care

"Face Treatment" is recommended. In addition to body essences and herbal essences, use herbal essence oil to improve the flow of lymph that has stagnated during the winter and get a small face.

The snow freezes at night and the sun is warm.
Melt in the daytime, little by little in spring

チェックマーク Hair care

When it hits a cold wind, it dries and the hair is painful. At this time of year, hair care is recommended in addition to shampoo. It regains the throes and moisture in the hair.

March (japan)

Rosemary sprouted.
Carefully grow seedlings in greenhouses

チェックマーク Measures against hay fever

In Karuizawa, Fukujukusa begins to bloom. It is around this time that pollen begins to fly. Let's work on the care of the skin as a family in preparation for the change of the environment and the turning point in the year.

Rabbits love dandelion and hakobe clover
I'm in charge of weed.

チェックマーク Measures against rough skin

Pollen also begins to scatter in earnest, so it is time to prevent skin problems. Take on the challenge of fighting off rough skin and creating beautiful skin with herbal water spray and herbal essence.

April (japan)

In Karuizawa, cherry blossoms begin to bloom at the end of April.
The picture is a mountain cherry tree.

チェックマーク Base makeup & UV protection

At this time of the start of a new life, we create a fresh and fresh image. Uv protection and one-tone bright skin color making with base makeup & UV thalasso containing beauty serum ingredients.

June berry's white flowers begin to bloom
It is around June that the fruit becomes red.

チェックマーク Scalp care

Use hair essences to perform head massage before shampooing to help you take care of your stress. Wash with a shampoo containing natural aromas to regain the original power of hair while taking care of hair and scalp problems.

May (U.S.A.)

Cherry blossoms are also blooming at this time of year.
Spring flowers begin to bloom all at once.

チェックマーク Body

For the full-fledged summer, make a beautiful body with daily care. The body essence is collected and flowed from the end of the body to the center along the flow of lymph. In addition, it is treated again with herbal essence oil which gives a shine to the skin.

Fresh green is beautiful, from pine shoots
The breath of spring that collaborates with the chirping of small birds

チェックマーク UV protection

In this season when the sun becomes stronger, take measures against UV rays with base makeup and UV thalasso containing plant ingredients. In addition, cool down anytime, anywhere with herbal water spray. Spray even from the top of the foundation, and do not neglect UV care frequently.

June (japan)

オオデマリ ジェミニ
Odemari Gemini, English Name Snowball

チェックマーク Skin Care

During this humid and sweaty season, keep your skin healthy and clean. Use a cleansing herbal lotion that serves as one of the three roles of "remove, moisturize, and polish", and a double use of face and body soap that moisturizes as you wash, to polish your skin.

Anchusa Azrea, Flower
Used in candied and salads

チェックマーク Intensive Hair Care

In this season, the hair is also damaged by ultraviolet rays and air conditioning wind. Add to your daily head spa and stay hydrated with a foam pack of treatments and shampoos.

July (number)

Yarrow (Western Saw)
a sacred herb in Greek mythology

チェックマーク UV Care

In this season of strong sunshine, after adjusting your skin with herbal water spray and herbal essence, protect your skin with base makeup & UV thaloso with UV protection and makeup base W function. Carry these two items with you for frequent hydration and UV care.

Menthol in mint
A refreshing feeling, an exhilarating fragrance and a sense of coldness

チェックマーク Healing & Refreshing

Before going out at the beginning of the day (even at shower time), refresh cleanly while relaxing with gentle ingredients. Nio CARE before sweating with deocare cleansing essence blended with herbs. To finish, refresh and start with a spray with plenty of herbal water spray through the whole body!

August (japan)

Echinacea is said to be a natural antibiotic.
Native American Herbs

チェックマーク Body

Skin care at esthetic time. After a healing bath time with a foam shampoo, if you take care of it with body essence, your skin will be kept clean, blood flow will be improved, and summer fatigue will be prevented.

Sunflower seeds are collected and dried.
For winter weather for wild birds and squirrels

チェックマーク Cleansing Care

Cleansing to clean off the dirt of the sticky summer is recommended. After washing your face, you can cool down by using herb essence chilled in the refrigerator. If you gently blend the cleansing herb lotion into the skin, it will fulfill three functions: aging function, emollient function, skin care function.

September (japan)

Lemon verbena flowers in neat colors
Small and very cute

チェックマーク Damage Care

Get back the glow of your skin and hair damaged by direct summer sunlight. Spray herb water spray all over your face to hydrate it and apply herbal cream to your entire face. Natural ingredients with high moisturizing power care for skin damage received in summer.

Edible hodzu is a vitamin and iron
Rich in nutrients, good texture and taste

チェックマーク Scalp care

During this season, take care of your scalp and hair damaged by summer UV rays. If you take care of it carefully with hair essence, it penetrates into each hair, including the scalp, and awakens the original power of the hair. It is important to make an effort to make the self-head spa a habit every morning.

October (number)

Marigold and the color of autumn
Sage is also available with flowers.

チェックマーク Lymphatic care

Use body essence and harmony herbal oil to improve lymph flow and take care of your treatment. Lymphatic care using body essence is a daily habit. Once a week, herbal essence oil pushes the stagnation of the whole body along the flow of lymph and cares with the image of flowing.

Acorn acorns, round.
It looks like chestnuts and looks delicious.

チェックマーク Metabolic improvement

Lymphatic care of the face with herbal essence. We will gently treat from the center of the face to the underot line. When waste products accumulated in the under-ear line are flowed from the neck to the collarbone, the severness of the face is removed, and you can feel a tight face line.

November (number)

Negund maple with beautiful autumn leaves

チェックマーク Hot Packs

In this season, hot packs after hydration are recommended for drying. Herbal water spray moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness. Put a hot towel over it. The hot pack moisturizes the skin and brings a firm, smooth texture.

The energy of Mt. Asama is
As if it were transmitted to a herb farm

チェックマーク Hair care

Exposed to the cold wind, my hair is likely to dry. Stay hydrated in your hair more carefully than usual in preparation for a full-fledged winter in this long night. Let's do a self-head spa with hair essence.


Mt. Asama seen from the Odada
The fog in the early morning seems to disappear gradually

チェックマーク Body

A cleansing herbal lotion that realizes three things: "drop, moisturize, and polish". Brush your skin with the shimmering foam of face and body soap. Wash the body thoroughly with harmony herb soap.

In the early morning, Karuizawa was made into a pillar of ice and frost.
There seems to be a white fairy.

チェックマーク Fatigue recovery

Scalp care with a shampoo that is less irritating to the scalp. After that, head spa is performed with hair essence to improve blood circulation of the scalp. Finally, if the whole body is cared for along the flow of lymph with body essence, blood circulation is promoted, to recover from fatigue.

January (number)

U-Story Headquarters is in the forest of Oedan
Always watched by Mt. Asama

チェックマーク Anti-drying

At this time of year, when cold air and heating in winter tend to dry your skin and hair, take measures against dryness. Herbal water spray and herbal cream to protect thyme from dryness and influenza viruses.

In the cold of the morning, it shines in the blue sky
Larch's ice sparkles white

チェックマーク Body temperature care

At this time of year, when body temperature also is likely to decrease, "body temperature up" using body essence is recommended. During the coldest months of winter, improve blood flow, improve metabolism, and warm your body.